10 Reasons

By Neil Anderson, Head of School

At the end of the first quarter, I thought some of you may need some encouragement. No matter how firm our convictions are about something, we always need to be reminded why we are doing what we are doing, especially when it’s hard. For any of you who are feeling a bit out of breath, here’s a few reminders/encouragements of why to press on.

  1. The wall is closer than you think – For any of you runners out there, you know about the “wall.” Whether you are running 3 miles or 25, there is always an extended point of discomfort before you hit your groove–the difference between running as joy and as pain. You have to press through the discomfort to experience the reward of rhythm. For those of you struggling with home days, I can’t tell you precisely where your wall is. It’s different for everyone. I can just tell you that it exists. It may seem like I am that annoying coach that is hollering, “You can do it,” while you say bad things about me in your head. That’s fine. You can do it.
  2. Your children are with you – It’s a good practice on home days to occasionally pause and do something to celebrate the fact that you are TOGETHER in the middle of the weekday. I would suggest a tickle war, adjust as appropriate for logic school students.
  3. Your children are learning from you – God has given your children to you because there are specific things God has worked into you that your children need. They are not just learning academic subjects from you, they are learning about all facets of life.
  4. God is honored by your choice – This is not to imply that God is not honored through other models of schooling. This is to say you have made a choice based on a conviction to take Biblical parenting seriously. We believe God is honored in this.
  5. FRIDAYS – Aren’t Fridays amazing? I’ve heard of many TCS fathers who have been able to capitalize on Fridays for extra family time. That’s music to our ears. I know logic school is now working on Fridays, but the day shouldn’t feel too full once you are in the groove.
  6. Your child is getting individual attention – There is no way around it, your child is getting individualized attention. Even if you feel like a home day is academically unsuccessful, you have to realize that you were there, one on one, working through it with them, observing any problem spots in real-time. And on the flip side, if it was a highly successful day, you are there ready to make the real-time adjustments to supplement their learning.
  7. God is working on YOU through this – Please remember that your choice to put your child in a program like TCS is not just about your child. God is working on you as a parent, teacher, mentor, disciplinarian, etc., let alone filling the holes in your own education. 🙂
  8. 40% Lunches and Laundry – I doubt making lunches and doing laundry is what you would choose to do with your free time. Keep in mind you are only having to crank out 40% of the 5 day/week load!
  9. It’s education for the whole family  – We might have to start charging tuition for the little ones who are learning from big brother or big sister on “accident.” Here is clip I received from a TCS family this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e55O8H-elg
  10. Your children are being loved on campus too – The TCS staff loves your children. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t feel the weight of the responsibility to love your children well. They are prayed for, cared for, and respected as image bearers. They keep us laughing and remind us why we got into the “business” of education. They are precious.
Oh… and TCS students are getting a great classical education too. We can’t forget that.
Press on!