The Theatre

Hunter Rapp, TCS Freshman


I’ve always loved going to see movies. The whole experience—from walking into the theatre to the lights dimming as the film starts—is just so enjoyable. The anticipation makes the process leading up to the actual movie just as fun. (Then again, it might just be the popcorn.) Whatever the case, I wanted to capture that feeling when I wrote this poem. Now, please silence your cell phones and enjoy the feature presentation—The Theatre.

The Theatre
I quickly climb the stairs, before diverting down the middle row
Squeeze past with hushed apologies, sitting just as the first trailers show;
I sink into my sproingy seat while everyone else watches quite intently,
Except for the noisy ten-year-old crunching candy not-so-silently.
Occasional laughter breaks out whenever there’s a funny scene
In the ads for sequels, sagas, and standalones that flash across the screen.
The room itself is dark, with the dim lights turned down low
Whilst the projector’s silver beam produces the brightest glow.
The seats, arranged like terraces, sit side-by-side in lines,
Speckled by groups of people, comfortably resting at inclines.
Of course, no cinema experience is complete without the grub:
Thus, in my lap there sits a plethora of popcorn within a pinstriped tub.
Accompanying it is a plastic cup filled with icy-cold perfection;
A straw leads to the depths of the carbonated confection.
Though my anticipation alone is even more bubbly than the drink,
As now I’m excited to the point where I can hardly think.
Just then, the lights switch off, eliminating the meager illumination.
I smile, knowing that it’s finally time for the feature presentation.